About Seal-K



Seal-K is part of Rabbanut, a non-profit organization with the expressed mission to strengthen observance and to disseminate knowledge of Jewish law and its practical application. Among other programs, Rabbanut offers classes in in-depth post-graduate rabbinical studies, while assisting its students to obtain rabbinical ordination and certification from the Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel.

Seal-K’s kosher certification is one of Rabbanut’s programs. It provides Kosher certification for products and facilities, such as hotel catering operations, and university cafeteria and lunch room services worldwide. Seal-K adheres to the strict guidelines of Halachah – Jewish Law for the purposes of certifying Kosher products and operations.


  • The Biala Rebbe, Rabbi BenTzion Rabinowitz, Lugano, Switzerland (EU)
    Member of the “Council of Great Torah Sages”, and the Head Rabbi of Biala, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman, London, England
    Talmudic scholar and  author of numerous commentaries on works by the Maharal of Prague.
  • Rabbinic Consultant – Rabbi Meir Ahron, Rechovot, Israel
    Rosh Kollel “Or Yaakov” and instructor for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
  • Rabbi Moshe Miller, Chicago, IL (US)
    Shaatnez expert and author of over twenty books on the Kabbalistic  philosophy.