Seal K Kosher Advantage

Experienced, Professional & Supportive

International Experience and Expertise

With our extensive experience serving large, upscale, international enterprises in the US and the EU,  we are exceptionally conscious of business needs, and are able to suggest cost-effective solutions without any compromise of kosher status or quality of the product.

Consulting Savvy

We are here to help you make the most of adding kosher to your culinary repertoire. Seal-K provides its customers with continued follow-up consulting services – included in the overall Seal-K service package – and designed to responsively enhance production for better and more economical operations.

Streamlined Process Experts

Seal-K has its own efficient procedures for designing and executing small or large scale organizations. Our proprietary designs and systems create a fail-safe work-flow with simple procedures for your staff to keep things “kosher” all the way through.

Respected and Certified

Seal-K is guided by the highest standards, and we are approved by some of the most respected names in kosher supervision. Members of the Seal-K team are certified by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The Seal-K is also recognized by respected U.S. and European rabbinical authorities. Our own code of honor holds us to the highest ethical and religious standards.

Excellent Level of Quality

Whether you provide daily food service or need temporary capabilities for special events, Seal-K can assist you to serve your kosher guests with the same level of quality that you bring to your other food operations.

Not Just Kosher – Full Compliance

We include solutions and guidance for hospitality operators who operate and serve food during the Sabbath and Jewish holidays, with their additional, sometimes complex kosher requirements.

Secure, Confidential, and Insured

Seal K professionals interact with staff, ingredients, and food production machinery and equipment. We have the greatest respect for your equipment and staff, menus, recipes, and confidential procedures. We are also bonded and insured for your additional protection.

Tailored to Your Needs

Kosher applies to different fields, such as Food-production, Commercial kitchens facilities, Counter-top re-kosherable status, or even the textile industry. To better understand your business uniqueness and create smoother collaboration for success, we have designated skilled kosher representatives for each filed.

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