Becoming Kosher

How Kosher Certification Works


APPLICATION – A company wishing to apply for kosher certification with the Seal-K can fill out an application online giving the company name, contact information and the nature of the product/s the company produces. Soon after, the company will be contacted by a rabbinic coordinator specializing in that field to guide and service throughout the process.


ASSESSMENT – The rabbinic Representative visits and inspects the facility, defines the necessary actions and procedures needed for the company to take to become kosher. Based on the revision, the costs for operation and kosher certification will be assessed. 

RATES & APPROVAL – Costs depend on the distance the representative travels, frequency of visits required, complexity of the task and the number of products. After inspection, the Rabbinic Coordinator completes a report and any issues are addressed and resolved.

CERTIFICATION – After a contract is approved and signed, a company receives its kosher certificate. Note that additional certification is required for Passover kosher certification.


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