Kosher Standards

kosher certification standards


Although there are many rules and strict guidelines Seal-K adheres to, here are some of the more common questions we are asked about our kosher standards policy:

  • We never allow unsupervised dairy products, including butter and powdered milk.
  • We allow only Glatt kosher meat.
  • We never allow products that look like non-kosher items, e.g.  soy cheeseburgers, imitation shrimp, and so on.
  • Products we certify, are never listed as D. E. (made on dairy equipment). They are either supervised dairy (Cholov Yisroel) or parve.
  • All fruits and vegetables are carefully washed, and thoroughly examined.
  • All foodservice facilities have a permanent, on site kosher-supervisor (Mashgiach tmidi) who opens the facility and lock it at the end of operation.
  • We never certify Gebrochts as “Kosher for Passover”, neither at foodservice locations (i.e. hotel or restaurant) nor as individual single packed products.
  • We never rely on leniencies (Heterim) regarding gelatin, even from dry bones, or other ingredients produced using similar leniencies.